Man displays huge ‘Let’s go Brandon’ lawn ornament in front yard

An American man has gotten into the Halloween spirit by displaying a huge ‘Let’s go Brandon’ ornament in his front lawn featuring Joe Biden’s face on it.The man can be heard saying “that’s how we roll, go big or go home” in the background of the video.The ‘Let’s go Brandon’ momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down after the phrase went viral following a video last month of race car driver Brandon Brown.He was being interviewed post-win at Talladega when the reporter misunderstood the crowd chanting ‘Let’s go Brandon’ but they were actually chanting anti-Biden slurs.It has now become popular at crowded events like football games, concerts and bars to chant the phrase.Southwest Airlines announced on Tuesday it was launching an internal investigation into a pilot who reportedly said ‘Let’s go Brandon’ over the flight’s intercom.Southwest Airlines released a statement saying the company does not support the behaviour that encourages “divisiveness”.

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