Mike Lindell RAIDED by FBI; Trump Source was PAID FBI Informant; Rand Paul BLASTS Fauci on IMMUNITY

#MikeLindell #Trump #RandPaulPurveyor of Restful Sleep and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was RAIDED by the FBI at a Hardees drive-thru, where Federal agents seized his phone. Harmeet Dhillon represents others who have been harassed and prosecuted by the FBI and the FBI releases crime scene photos.#MyPillow #FBIPillow #FBIIn a newly unsealed court documents, we learn that Igor Danchenko, a key figure in the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax was in fact a paid informant at the FBI up until October 2020. The Trump Search Warrant Judge, Judge Reinhart, orders more pieces of the affidavit unsealed, and we review. Trump calls Ashley Babbit’s mother to offer his condolences, as Bennie Thompson plans more January 6th Select Committee hearings.#IgorDanchenko #AshleyBabbit #TrumpRaidSenator Rand Paul blasts Anthony Fauci with his prior inconsistent statements over immunity. Paul is held to be out of order for his use of Fauci’s own statements. Meanwhile in Congress, Rep. Hank Johnson compares parents to terrorists and Rep. Raskin fights civic activists. Senator Ron Johnson gets Twitter executives to admit that they can influence the outcome of an election.#RandPaul #Fauci #RonJohnson

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